Readl Ambassador program →

Readl Ambassador program →

We are extremely excited to launch our exclusive Readl Ambassador programme. We only have 10 spots available, so reach out now to be considered!

🕵️‍♀️ Who we are looking for?

If you are an Author, Artist, Fan or Crypto Enthusiast who is passionate about Readl, the Web3 and more generally – the transformation of the Publishing industry – we want you!

🤓 What will you do?

We will co-design a bespoke Ambassador role together so that both – You and Readl – can get the most out of this experience. Some of the activities that we have already identified will include:

  • Managing and contributing content to Readl community
  • Managing dedicated channels around a topics of interest
  • Networking on behalf of Readl in publishing, Web3 and other related industries
  • Hosting meetups and presenting Readl’s content, etc

🤩 Why should you join our Ambassador’s program (aka what’s in it for you)?

If sheer respect of the community is not enough – we are sure that you will be persuaded by a range of benefits that will be available to the Ambassadors. To mention but few:

  • Exclusive access to content, ideas, events & people
  • Opportunity to receive NFTs in return for contribution
  • Opportunity to manage dedicated channels around topics of interest and build Web3 presence
  • Opportunity to work closely with your favourite authors and artists!
  • Meet with the Readl team and give feedback, know release dates before anyone else as well as early access to drops and new features

So what’s next?

Apply now by filling in the form below.

Successful candidates will be invited to Ambassador’s onboarding event in April.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord Server.

✨ Your exciting journey with Readl starts from there! ✨

With 💚 , Team Readl