General Questions

What's Readl?

Readl is a decentralized NFT platform for publishing, buying, and selling digital books and related collectibles.

What are NFT Books and Collectible?

Books and collectibles will be minted as NFTs in Readl publishing platform and will fully belong to their creators.

A Book Collection will be formed by a book copy and linked collectibles that can be in any media form:

  • Audio
  • Illustration
  • Video
  • Animation

This NFTs will be attached by the readers to a Book Copy they own and can be experience when reading making the experience a lot more dynamic.

Why we are building Readl?

Information should never be centralized on a few powerful entities. Throughout all history of mankind, information has been censored,

manipulated, and destroyed as a result of centralization and excessive power in the hands of a few.

At least, we had ownership over the information we bought. When we buy a physical book we can take it home and it's ours. No one can manipulate it or take it from us without notice. In the digital world, we only buy the right to read a book. All this information is stored in some centralized service that could wipe it without notice and we can't do anything about it.

The world needs decentralized tools, fairly governed by all participants that can create a system where everyone is free to share information freely without fear of repression and where no single entity has the absolute power to censor or delete something.

Do you have a token?

Not yet, but we will have. Right now we are focused on building a product that has value and that users need and want to use. The token will come later this year.