How to create and edit a collection

How to create a collection

Currently, you can create a collection only from + New Story page
  1. Create a New Story
  2. Go the Details tab, and scroll down till the “Select a collection ” dropdown
  3. Click on “Add new collection” and fill the basic informations


How to edit your collection

  1. Go to a story you created (you can access to it on your bookshelf)
  2. Scroll down until the Story Details
  3. Click on the Collection
  4. Go to the 3 dots on the top right of the page and click on edit
  5. image

Currently, you can only edit a collection that has a story published in it. In this release it is not possible to delete a collection.

Pro tip #1: The importance of the description

The Collection page is a great place to provide an overview of your project and what readers can expect. Be sure to include any important information: an overview of the project, why they should collect your stories, and don't forget any important links.

👉 Do you want to make your description text stand out? Check out this Markdown cheat sheet.

Pro tip #2: A picture is worth a thousand words

The recommended Readl Stories Collection header image size is 1500x700 pixels.

This means, that for the image to display properly, the image needs to be 1500 pixels wide and 700 pixels tall.

👉 If you are looking for a great picture for your collection, you can check out pexels.co or get artistic with the help of artificial intelligence.