How to create a Story

What is a Readl Story?

A Readl Story can be created through writing, images, video and sound on the Readl Stories platform and can be minted as an NFT on the Polygon network.

How to create a Readl Story

Remember, a Readl Story needs to be part of a Collection
  1. Create a New Story by clicking on the + New Story button on the top right of the app.
  2. You’ll find two tabs—one for writing your story and another for setting up its details and specs.
  3. To start writing your story, select the Story Tab and start writing.
  4. Personalize your story by adding images and format options, tap on the 6 dots at the right of your text.
  5. image

  1. After you create your Readl Story, you can set up your Story details by selecting the Details Tab
  2. In the Details Tab you will be able to set up the following:
    • Cover picture: images can be any size but it’s recommend 1:1 (square - ex. 1000x1000) or 4:6 (ex. 800x1200px)
    • Story description: use this section to describe your content and/or include useful information for your collectors such as utilities.
    • Define if your story is Private (users can see a preview of the content, but they need to collect in order to access the full content.) or not (users can access the full content for free)
    • Story Tags: you can add any tag you think will help categorize your content
    • Select the Collection in which you want to add this story (see how to create a collection here link)
    • Minting Conditions: decide the number of copies you allow users to mint. This cannot be changed after publishing.
    • Royalties
      • Commission on resale: please note that, if the asset is sold in a different marketplace, resale percentage is subject to the third party marketplace policy.
      • Royalties distribution: unlimited distribution of royalties.
    • Explicit & Sensitive content
  3. When you have the story ready and all details set, you can publish your Readl Story by clicking the Publish Story button.
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  1. To sell your story: go to bookshelf, click on the story you want to sell and scroll down and click on “sell story”
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  1. To delete your story: go to bookshelf, click on the story you want to delete and click on the 3 dots on the top right


Please note that if you choose to publish your story as public and do not wish to sell it, you will need to list it at 0 MATIC in order for it to appear in the marketplace.

Pro tip #1: A picture is worth a thousand words

The recommended Readl Stories cover image size is 1500x700 pixels.

This means, that for the image to display properly, the image needs to be 1500 pixels wide and 700 pixels tall.

👉 If you are looking for a great picture for your collection, you can check out pexels.co or get artistic with the help from artificial intelligence.