How to configure my wallet

How to configure my wallet

Supported Wallets

Any Ethereum wallet should be able to generate a Moonriver address. Just be aware that the wallet must allow you to connect and configure other networks. Here’s some of our favorites:

How to configure the wallet

We will be only covering the process for Metamask, although, in other wallets it’s very similar.

  1. Install Metamask or any ERC20 wallet that supports custom networks.

1. With Readl Marketplace

  1. Click the button “Connect your wallet”
  2. A Metamask message will be prompted for you to accept the network change
  3. Click Next and then Approve
  4. That’s it! 💪 You are now connected to the Readl marketplace.

2. Other ways

For Metamask

  1. Add the Moonriver network to your wallet automatically or manually:
    1. Automatically

      Go to Moonbeam oficial documentation, scroll down and click to connect and add the network.


      This will open a popup on your Metamask to automatically add the network. Confirm and that’s it. You can now claim your rewards.


      You can also add the Moonriver network manually:

    2. Open your Metamask and click on Add Network
    3. image
    4. On the new window that opened, add the following details:
    5. Network Name: Moonriver
      RPC URL:
      ChainID: 1285 (hex: 0x505)
      Symbol (Optional): MOVR
      Block Explorer (Optional):
  2. You are done! You can now access the marketplace and connect your wallet.