How to publish an NFT book

Follow this simple steps to publish your first NFT book.

  1. Go to the publishing platform and connect your wallet
  2. Make sure you are whitelisted and connect your wallet to the publishing platform.


  3. Click “Publish Book” and upload your .epub file
  4. Make sure you have your .epub ready and that it follows the best practices for EPUB publishing. If you have it in another format you can convert it to .epub or you can use a native and free EPUB creator like Sigil.


  5. Update your EPUB information
  6. We auto-fill your .epub file information and you can update it as you like. Readl will automatically regenerate the .epub file with the newly updated info.

    A new collection with your book title will be automatically created so you can add other kinds of collectibles to it later.

    Pro tip You can mint special covers collectibles and link them to this book. Owners of this special covers will be able to swap the default book cover for the new one.


  7. Preview your EPUB before publishing
  8. Here you can preview how your NFT book. You can customize the different viewing options to see how it looks but it won’t affect your readers.

    Make sure everything is ok. You won’t be able to change it later.


  9. Mint and publish
  10. Select the number of copies you want to mint and the royalties to receive on each resale.

    Click “Mint and Publish” and accept the transaction on your Metamask.

    👏 Done!

    ❗️ Please note that currently the limit of copies you can mint is 100.

    It may take some for the transaction to complete but you can now go to Readl Marketplace and sell it or read it.


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