How to publish an NFT collectible

Create collectibles and link them to your book.

  1. Go to the publishing platform and connect your wallet
  2. Make sure you are whitelisted and connect your wallet to the publishing platform.


  3. Click “Publish Collectible” and upload your file
  4. Right now you can only upload JPG, PNG and GIFs but we will be supporting audio and video files soon.


  1. Fill in your information and select a collection
  2. Add all the information needed for the NFT and select a collection. You can create a new one or, if you already did, select an existing one.

    Collectible collections are always linked to a published NFT book and you can only select books that you published.


  3. Mint and publish
  4. Review that all the information is correct and you can now “Mint and Publish” your collectible. Accept the transaction on your wallet and...

    👏 Done

    It may take some for the transaction to complete but you can now go to Readl Marketplace and sell it.

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