How to send my NFTs to another wallet

Currently, Readl doesn’t have a feature that allows you to send your NFTs to another wallet.

However, there are two ways to do it

From your Metamask mobile app

  1. Import your NFTs to your Metamask wallet (only available on mobile), following the instruction below
  2. Go to “NFT” and click on “Send”

Via TofuNFT

  1. Go to https://tofunft.com/
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Go to “My NFTs”
  4. image

  1. Click on the NFT you want to send
If you are the creator of the NFT, make sure you’re not sending the “Copyright” NFT, but only “READL Book” or “ READL Collectible”

  1. Click “Send”
  2. image