How to swap your NFTs

Contract Swap Due to adding new functionalities to the smart contracts, we need to update them and we are asking our users to swap their NFTs. 🙏

Before you start:

We made it really easy to swap your NFTs to the new contract:

  1. Connect to the marketplace with your wallet and go to the Bookshelf page
  2. Click the Swap NFTs button in the warning on the top
  3. image
  4. A swap modal will open and here you will have to authorize:
    1. Readl to move your tokens - 2 authorizations on your wallet
    2. Swap NFT books and collectibles - 1 authorization on your wallet
  1. It’s done! You can now go to your Bookshelf and enjoy your NFTs. 🚀


There is a small cost associated with the transaction on the blockchain. Normally it’s around 0.02$.