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Readl is a decentralized NFT platform for publishing, buying, and selling digital books and related collectibles.

We are creating the next generation of books for web 3.0

Throughout all human history, we have seen knowledge being burned, erased, and prohibited by dictatorship regimes. It’s impossible to know how much was lost and no way to get it back.

The only thing we can do is make sure that this never happens again. All books files are published in a decentralized network, making it impossible to hack, delete or modify.

What is Readl?


Readl is a decentralized NFT platform for publishing, buying, and selling digital books and related collectibles. Our goal is to reshape the content creation industry for a decentralized and censorship-proof future and return ownership back to authors, artists, publishers, and readers.

In Readl, writers and artists can connect and create an enhanced reading experience that closes the gap between the digital and physical world.

Readl is also a community for books enthusiasts, authors, the publishing industry, and artists to meet, discuss, collaborate and create, together, the next generation of stories.

Connecting communities around stories and art


An enhanced reading experience

Readl is bringing together writers and artists to offer readers a unique and immersive experience closing the gap between the digital and physical world. Artworks will complete the reader's imagination making emotions even more impactful.

Join the community and meet writers, your fellow artists, and all those people that are enjoying your craft.

NFT Stories and Collectibles

Stories and collectibles will be minted as NFTs in Readl publishing platform and will fully belong to their creators.

A collection will be formed by a story and linked collectibles that can be in any media form:

  • Audio
  • Illustration
  • Video
  • Animation

Delight readers with exclusive collectibles as NFTs that can be attached to a book and create a unique visual experience around stories.

The benefits


Royalties for life

Earn up to 98% of royalties for each sale and up to 20% for each resale of your NFTs. For life. Forever.



From co-authoring to illustrate your story, or involving your fan base in the creation of your next masterpiece, Readl will be the right place to find your next partners.


Crowdfund your work

What if your future readers could invest in your story on day one? With Readl, you can publish your first chapter and fund the rest of the story thanks to your fans.


Unique and exclusive story editions

Limited editions, exclusively released on Readl, whenever you collaborate with artists: your story will target collectors and it will acquire extra value in the market.



Connect with the Readl writers, artists, and readers community, and grow your own fanbase


Governance & Community

Create tiers and different roles for your community and let them participate in decisions about your work and contribute.

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What's Readl?
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Throughout the history of mankind we have seen knowledge being burned, banned and prohibited by the estates of power. This loss is immeasurable and irreversable , yet absolutely avoidable today: