Readl Updates

🗓️ 6 Dec ‘22 // 📚 Publish books as NFTs

Version: Readl 1.3


Publish books directly as NFTs.

You can now publish books directly as NFTs. Just upload your .epub file and we’ll do the rest.

There are some options that you can activate:

  • Gated - this means that only people who have purchased the book will be able to read it.
  • Allow download - allows users to download the book as an epub file.


Read your NFT book directly on Readl

Readers can now enjoy their new books without leaving the app, allowing them to customize the experience according to their reading preferences.


New UI for reading stories and books

  • Longer stories and books preview.
  • Important information is shown right where you need it
  • Estimated reading time for each story and book.
  • See how many stories have been sold and who the collectors are


Marketplace is now Bookstore and it comes with filters

You can now filter all the items for sale by type (book, story, or collection) and by tags.

Many other UI improvements

You will find that the whole platform runs more smoothly, and there are many small improvements to enjoy. Here are a few of them:

  • The Creation page now has a sidebar that lets you have an overview of all the detailed information. You can also collapse it and focus on the content.
  • The Collection page has been adapted to desktop and you can now see the collection sales and collectors.
  • If there is more than one seller for an item, now it will show up in the collecting modal.
  • When creating a story, you can now see a warning when publishing or leaving a story.
  • The story and book thumbnails got updated to highlight the cover image, along with the item type.
  • Bookshelf and collection items are now sorted by the newest to the oldest.