🗓️ 21 June // 🚀 Usability improvements

Version: Readl MVP 1.7 - Jules Verne

Payments with credit card and bank transfer

In collaboration with Transak we added new ways for you to buy Moonriver and top up your wallet. You can now register with Transak and buy MOVR directly to your wallet with credit card or bank transfer. Depending on your residency country, you will need to do KYC.


Access to the marketplace without connecting a wallet

You can now visit and interact with the marketplace without connecting a wallet or creating an account. This is possible due to our new API. Share the Readl marketplace with your friends.


Connect with your email or Discord and create a wallet with Magic

It’s now easier than ever for a non-crypto user to get started with Readl. Just connect with your email, Discord or Twitter account and we will automatically create a new wallet associated with the email. A more centralized option to simplify the process for those users who just want to read and collect stories. You can still connect with your Metamask.

Add the Readl marketplace to your phone home screen

You can read your favorite NFT books directly from your mobile. Meanwhile we are still working on the Readl mobile app, you can now add the Readl marketplace to your phone home screen and access it as you would with any regular app. Don’t know how? Look here the instructions for Android and iPhone.


Minor fixes

  • New confirmation modal when buying an NFT
  • Changed the page name Wallet for Trades to better reflect what the page does
  • New wallet and account modal - see how much your MOVR is worth

🛣️ Near future

Here is what we are currently working on (in no particular order):

  • More typed of collectibles (audiobooks, audio, and video)
  • FIAT Payments
  • Attachable collectibles
  • Better communication with the sellers and buyers (emails and notifications)
  • Customised UI for the readers
  • IPFS Encryption for written content
  • New landing page
  • Whitepaper
  • Authors & creators profiles
  • Epub to HTML converter to ease the onboard of existing publications
  • Multiple item auction (to enable the sales of multiple copies of the same item individually in a timed auction)

🗒️ Releases

Version 1.6 - 20 May
Version 1.5 - 3 May
Version 1.3 - 15 March
Version 1.2 - 4 Feb
Versión 1.3