Version 1.2 - 4 Feb

🗓️ 4 Feb // 🚀 Marketplace launch

Version: Readl MVP 1.2 - Jules Verne

We are very excited to announce that we are launching the Readl marketplace. With the team growing and with a fully functional MVP we are now working on improving documentation and the knowledge base around the project.

Major updates

Sell NFT books and collectibles

It’s now possible to sell your NFTs on the marketplace at a fixed price or in a timed auction. Just to your bookshelf, enter a book or collectible and sell it.

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Buy NFT books and collectibles

We couldn’t have one without the other, so it’s now possible to buy NFTs at a fixed price or auction. You can buy books and collectibles from our genesis collection and we will be launching some cool books really soon. 🤩

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Minor updates


  • Wallet
    • See and cancel all your listed items
    • See and accept all received offers
    • See all sent offers


  • Improvements on the readability

Publishing platform